Ahmed Alsagheer
You reached this page to know about me?
I'm really flattered!

My name is Ahmed. They call me "Sagheer". I am a motion designer and animator who is fond of anime, crêpe, and milk tea.
Well, Things do look better when they move .. Don't they?  
Making stuff in motion is that cool, and it is more joyful to help out others make their stuff alive... What's awesome more than this?! Motion design is much more than just tweaking keyframes. Motion is meant to deliver emotions .. Emotions can be visualized? I believe!
I received my BA with honors from Cairo University, with a major in media production. At a time when I had already started my career in motion design. The community always welcomes new talents and the market is always in need. I worked with many honorable clients from different countries around the globe. Ready to be the next one? 
I see, You might want to know more details about how it is done. We go through some steps together until we get our video done; starting with an awesome script, an elaborative storyboard, and a stunning voice-over. Then we make some designs and illustrations. After that, we put them into action within the animation phase. Finally, we give them some nice sound effects. Boom! We're done with your video!

Have a project or an idea in your mind, but you don't know where to start? Send me a message and we can discuss more details. Feel free to contact me for any animation video or just to say Hello :)
Brands I proudly worked with
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